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DD-WRT Forum :: View topic - Use NVRAM for client lease DB Apr 18, 2016 [r41813] Static lease not working on broadcom_K26 - DD-WRT Hi, The router configured as a wireless client. Router ModelLinksys WRT610N dd-wrt.v24-41813_NEWD-2_K2.6_big.bin Firmware Version DD-WRT v3.0-r41813 big (12/29/19) Kernel VersionLinux #12259 Sun Dec 29 09:38:03 +04 2019 mips . I have tried to make a static lease for a client; however, it didn't work. Good to note that, I also tried other revision the outcome was the same. Problem with adding static leases | MyOpenRouter

Problem with adding static leases | MyOpenRouter

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Static Leases: Assign certain hosts specific addresses here. This is also a way to add hosts to the router's local DNS service (DNSmasq). Note: It is recommended but not necessary to set your static leases outside of your automatic DHCP address range.

I've installed dd-wrt v24 preSP2 as this will be the only working version for the WRT610N at the moment. It seems to work fine, but when I add static leases to assign IPs to my computers they won't get an IP anymore, and in the end they get an"dead IP" 169.x.x.x. Mar 28, 2020 · Set Non-VPN Devices as Static IPs. You can find the list of connected devices on the Status => LAN page. You'll want to copy the MAC address and Hostname into the Static Leases section on the Services => Services page. Assign an internal IP address to each of these devices that is higher than but lower than Jul 29, 2016 · Enter DHCP reservations, also sometimes called static leases, here on the DD-WRT Services tab. Navigate to Services, then to Services and scroll down to DHCP Server.Click Add, then fill in the MAC address, hostname and IP address of the computer you want to get the same IP address every time. If you have a router running the dd-wrt firmware and have configured Active Directory internally, you’ll need to set a few options to make things work. The goal is to use the router for general DNS queries through the ISP (or public) DNS servers, as well as the static leases function from DNSMasq while routing AD DNS requests through the However, the I configure a static DHCP lease for my PC, the Webgui listing just shows a blank entry. The entry is there and, I think, working. But it is useless if I can't get a simple list of already configured DHCP static leases. Checking in Status -> Lan shows it has a lease, but not if it is static or dynamic.