The Mash tun is designed to be as heat efficient as possible (depending on the materials you pay for) and will maintain the temperature through the insulation it has around the exterior of the tun. Unlike with a conventional stock or boil kettle, you don’t have a heat source you can turn on or off when using a mash tun, so make sure your

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tun: 1 n a large cask especially one holding a volume equivalent to 2 butts or 252 gals Type of: barrel , cask a cylindrical container that holds liquids

Tun | Definition of Tun by Oxford Dictionary on Definition of tun in English: tun. Pronunciation /tən/ Translate tun into Spanish. noun. 1 A large beer or wine cask. ‘In 1347 he sold 3 tuns of wine to the King's Butler; while in 1349 he exported cloth.’

Tun definition is - a large cask especially for wine. How to use tun in a sentence.

Toon | Definition of Toon at Toon definition, an Asian tree, Cedrela toona, of the mahogany family, yielding an aromatic red wood used for furniture, carving, etc. See more. Tun | definition of tun by Medical dictionary Thematic Apperception Test [the-mat´ik ap″er-sep´shun] TAT; a projective test in which the subject tells a story based on each of a series of standard ambiguous pictures, so that his responses reflect a projection of some aspect of his personality and his current psychological preoccupations and conflicts. TAT Abbreviation for thematic apperception Tun (unit) - Wikipedia The tun (Old English: tunne, Latin: tunellus, Middle Latin: tunna) is an English unit of liquid volume (not weight), used for measuring wine, oil or honey. Typically a large vat or vessel, most often holding 252 wine gallons, but occasionally other sizes (e.g. 256, 240 and 208 gallons) were also used. tun noun - Definition, pictures, pronunciation and usage