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For details, see Prepare your network. Troubleshoot receiver-side issues. In the user's Meet settings, check that Receive resolution (maximum) is set to High definition (720p). To find the settings, see Adjust your video quality. If the video freezes for a long period of time, an unstable network (such as Wi-Fi dropping) might be the issue. Solved: Network unstable - NETGEAR Communities Re: Network unstable I´ll try having my mac connected to the 2.4 ghz for a while, and see what happens. My windows 7 computer has an intel centrino wireless-n … Keep getting network unstable error : MarvelSuperWar I'm in USA, was able to install via philippine app store. The game was working first day of install but now it says I have unstable connection which is preventing me from playing 5v5 matches.

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② WI-FI signal bar weakens u000b → If there are 5 WI-FI signal bars, there is no problem. But if there are 3 and below, it implies unstable network. It occurs due to large number of contents users, slow broadband or bad internet environment. Please try again in some time. Wireless (WiFi) Connection Issues – Zoom Help Center

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