Metadata is information that describes various facets of an information asset to improve its usability throughout its life cycle. It is metadata that turns information into an asset. Generally speaking, the more valuable the information asset, the more critical it is to manage the metadata about it, because it is the metadata definition that

Metadata - PowerQuery M | Microsoft Docs Metadata. 4/16/2018; 2 minutes to read; In this article. Metadata is information about a value that is associated with a value.Metadata is represented as a record value, called a metadata record. The fields of a metadata record can be used to store the metadata for a value. Every value has a metadata record. If the value of the metadata record has not been specified, then the metadata record Metadata for Musicians: What It Is and Why It's Vital Metadata is used by every major device and music streaming application including smartphones, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube and all other major online music services. Metadata includes information like artist, genre, label, song titles, album name and track numbers. Metadata began as basic info encoded directly into the files on a CD. | Account-Based Marketing Automation

Metadata and Information Technology . Metadata is useful for the management of information in any storage format, paper or digital, but it is critically important for information in a digital format because the information is only discoverable through the use of intermediary hardware and software.

Metadata (or "data about data") is data that describes a piece of information, apart from the information itself. So the content of a message is not metadata, but who sent it, when, where from, and to whom, are all examples of metadata. Legal systems often protect content more than metadata: for instance, in the United States, law enforcement needs a warrant to listen to a SAA Dictionary: metadata Citations Bergeron 2002, 9 Metadata includes descriptive summaries and high-level categorization of data and information. Knowledge is information that is organized, synthesized, or summarized to enhance comprehension, awareness, or understanding. That is, knowledge is a combination and an awareness of the context in which the data can be successfully applied.

Metadata definition at, a free online dictionary with pronunciation, synonyms and translation. Look it up now! | Account-Based Marketing Automation is B2B Marketing's only automated, account-based marketing execution platform that targets your ideal customer profile with continuously optimized paid media that drives pipeline. METADATA IT, LLC. "By understanding our needs and proposing several options to choose from, metadata IT was the vendor of choice for our virtualization project. After completing our 1st project with metadata IT, we soon came back to them for a solution for our work-from-home employees that is easier to manage, utilizes less resources and it costs less." OpenStack Docs: Metadata Jan 14, 2020