Dec 07, 2019

DNS request timed out means NSLookup submitted the query to the DNS server, but did not get a response. It's possible the DNS server you queried was having a problem and couldn't reply. Network errors could be to blame as well. nslookup DNS request timed out. timeout was 2 seconds Mar 11, 2013 nslookup | Microsoft Docs Oct 16, 2017 NSlookup times out - TechRepublic

"DNS request timed out. timeout was 2 seconds." Did you also configure your local DNS server as ? It's not sufficient to just start the dnscrypt-proxy, you must also change the active network DNS settings to transmit to the address the dnscrypt-proxy is listening too!

Jul 10, 2013

DNS - NSlookup 'DNS Reqest timed out' for 2 sec with FQDN

May 11, 2016